What is Screenlane (formerly UI Movement)

Screenlane is a website and newsletter that features the latest mobile design inspiration

The concept caught on when UI Movement was launched on Product Hunt and was upvoted more than 1,000 times. It eventually grew to over 25,000 subscribers and thousands of visits per month.

The simple newsletter website was eventually updated for easier browsing and filtering. Each new design was tagged so that you can easily find the most popular design animations for whatever design element you're interested in.

In 2020 UI Movement needed to change. Based on my experience with UI Movement and realted site I run, I came up with the concept of what Screenlane is today.

Screenlane is built with Django and hosted on Digital Ocean. It's run by me, Ramy Khuffash.

In early 2023, I decided to stop updating Screenlane and focus on Page Flows and Page Collective

Page Flows has a section for researching mobile screens and UX, which caused Screenlane to become less of a priority.

We had a good run!